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Interstate Commercial Vehicle Drivers
Department of Transportation Physicals

Effective November 1, 2015 Valley View Family Practice will offer Department of Transportation Physicals (Commercial Driver’s License).  
In May, 2014, the interstate commercial vehicle (CMV) drivers can no longer acquire a valid medical certificate from any healthcare provider. CMV driver examinations can only be completed by a Certified Medical Examiners (MEs) listed on the FMCSA National Registry. (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration). Certified Medical Examiners have the knowledge to determine if a driver can safely handle the medical demands of driving a CMV.  
Dr. Geoffrey Ostrander has been certified as a Medical Examiner and is listed in the FMCSA National Registry, # 2206147716. ALL PATIENTS, including any existing Valley View Family Practice patients, who need to be seen for a DOT or Commercial Driver’s License physical, must be seen by Dr. Geoffrey Ostrander. As stated above, patients can no longer go to any healthcare provider, the provider must be certified.  

How much does a DOT cost and does health insurance pay for them?

The cost for a DOT Physical is $138.00 + $40.00 Administrative Fee = $178.00.
The cost can be billed to the patient’s health insurance, or be paid out of pocket. 
When billing health insurance, the patient must be eligible for a physical, and preauthorization is required.  
All applicable co-pays and deductibles apply when billing a patient’s health insurance.
ALL patients must pay the $40.00 administrative charge out of pocket. This charge covers the cost of the additional services provided by the physician to complete the exam, and the completion of any paperwork.  
DOT physicals must be paid for at the time of service, including the $40.00 administrative fee.  

Any questions, please see the Practice Manager.  
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